Thanks for visiting my site. I am a part time professional photographer with a full time passion for photographing and working with animals. Photography has been a big part of my life since high school. I have been capturing photos professionally for over a decade. I specialize in pet photography, concentrating on portraits, dog shows, police k-9 and agility.

I have quite a bit of experience working with animals, mainly dogs. I am a full time police officer in Connecticut and work with my K-9 partner Anouke. She is a six year old German Shepherd who I raised from a puppy at 8 weeks old and trained her to be a police dog myself with the assistance of a local trainer. I have trained with many different local and state police departments throughout Connecticut. Prior to becoming a police officer I worked as a veterinary technician for five years.

I use my experiences and knowledge as a K-9 handler and veterinary technician when capturing the images of my clients pets. I understand dog behavior and rarely have problems photographing even skittish dogs. I take the time to sit with the dogs so they are comfortable with me. Then only after that is when I begin to take photos.